Thani Than Youth Club Harmi winners at the 14th United Open Football Tournament

October 07, 2022
Thani Than Youth Club Harmi winners at the 14th United Open Football Tournament

Thani Than Youth Club, Harmi has won the open football tournament held in Siranchok rural municipality ward no. 2 Thalajung.

New Dautari Youth Club, Chitrepokhari won 2 goals against Thani Than Youth Club, Harmi in the competition named "Our efforts for social upliftment , our practice in building a youth-oriented society, sports for the health of the nation".

A total of 15 teams participated in the game that was inaugurated on October 11th. LigLig Youth Club and Jhimrek Youth Club reached the semi-finals.

Thani Than Youth Club, who will be the first in the competition, will get Rs. 70,000 including trophy, medal and certificate, the second placed New Dautari Club will get Rs. 35,000 along with trophies, medals and certificates and both the teams that reached the finals, Liglig Youth and Jhimrek Youth Club, will receive Rs. 15,000 consolation prize along with trophies, medals and certificates have been awarded.

In the competition, the best player Sudip Chhetri was declared the New Dautari Club, goalkeeper Anil BK Thani Than Youth Club, defender Shyam Baram Jhimrek Youth club and top scorer Sudip Sunar Thani Than Youth Club.

The best players were also honored with trophies, medals and certificates. Certificates were also awarded to Bhupen Singh Thakuri, Bobby Chantyal and Rupendra Gurung who ably played the role of referees in the tournament.

Phulpati day, there was a large presence of local spectators who had returned to the village to celebrate Dashain. 

The award and honor was handed over by Siranchok rural municipality chairman Gyanendra Gurung. The program started late in the afternoon and ended at 7 pm.


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