'Songwriter Honor' to Prakat Pangeni 'Shiva'

October 16, 2022
'Songwriter Honor' to Prakat Pangeni 'Shiva'

Pokhara. Lyricist Prakat Pangeni 'Shiva' has been honored with Lyricist Award-2079. Songwriters Academy, Nepal honored Pangeni on the occasion of its second annual general meeting held in Pokhara on Saturday.

The award, which includes a cash prize of Rs 5,555 and a certificate of appreciation, was jointly awarded to Pangeni by Sarubhakta, the former chancellor of the Nepal Music and Drama Institute, Tirtha Shrestha, the founding member secretary of the institute, and Harihar Khaniya, the president of the institute. After receiving the award, Pangeni has penned in different genres of literature but said that his favorite genre is song.

He said that he is preparing to publish a collection of songs called 'Aauda-Jada Dobatoma' in the near future, saying that the honor has encouraged him to dedicate himself to music.

Earlier, he has published 2 song collections named 'Joonko Chithi Junalai' and 'Yo Man Kahi Aljheko Cha'. Apart from this, Richas of Pranayveda (Ghajal Sangraha) and Akshyar Bhari Akshyata (Kabita Sangraha) are his published works. The introduction of Pangeni's creator was presented by the Joint Secretary of the Foundation, Rupindra Prabhavi.

In the program, Sarubhakta stressed on giving a positive message to the society no matter what genre he wields his pen. He said that the field of song is wide, saying that the 'use' of songs should be accepted as in other genres of literature.

He emphasized that the songwriters should also avoid the tendency to follow someone else for song records and start writing with self-respect. He said that even though the song is a lyrical genre, the audience can be made to enjoy the music through recitation. It should be remembered that for the first time in Nepal, the Songwriter Academy has completed Shrestha's solo song recital.

He said that the originality of Nepali song literature lies in folk songs, and he said that we should rise above the belief that songs should be written only in a certain format created by someone.

Literary writer Tirtha Shrestha opined that it is a pity that even today, song writers have to ask for the name, let alone the price. Saying that the mother of the song is the songwriter, he expressed displeasure with the practice of calling the song after the name of a singer. He demanded that a part of the remuneration received by the singer for performing on the stage should also be given to the singers and musicians.

The progress and financial report presented by Secretary Anurag Adhikari was passed unanimously in the program presided over by the President of the Foundation, Harihar Khaniya. Anil Shrestha, president of Ambukhaireni Wangmaya Parishad, Geetal Pratishthan and Natak Manch, Akash Adhikari, president of Tanahun, artists Krishna Marasani, Manu Sharma and others gave their best wishes in the program.

On the same occasion, certificates of lifetime membership were distributed to 30 people. The program was conducted by Vice President Sheetal Giri and conducted by Secretary Anurag Adhikari.


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