Singer Pramod Kharel will spend the salary on the treatment of the injured

January 29, 2023
Singer Pramod Kharel will spend the salary on the treatment of the injured

Kathmandu. Singer Pramod Kharel has informed that he will spend his salary on the Dhankuta festival for the injured.

Kharel gave this information by calling a press conference organized by the organizing organization Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dhankuta to inform about the incident that happened on Saturday night. Although Kharel did not say about the amount, expressing his sorrow over the incident, he informed that he will spend his salary for the concert on the treatment of the injured.

Last night, 30 injured people were being treated in Dharan and Biratnagar when the crowd who had come to watch Kharel's 'concert' and play houji bingo went uncontrollable before the start of the program. The president of the association, Vijay Santoshi Rai, informed that the treatment of the injured is currently being done on the initiative of the Minister of Land Management and Cooperative Poverty Alleviation Rajendra Kumar Rai and all additional treatment costs will be borne by the organizers.

Rai informed that after the incident, all the programs that will be held from tonight will be postponed and the festival will be conducted only till 5 pm and will be concluded tomorrow. Singer Melina Rai's performance scheduled to be held at the festival has also been stopped.

Meanwhile, singer Kharel has expressed grief over the incident. He will go to the hospital on Monday morning to visit the injured. Speaking to Online Khabar, singer Kharel said, "The audience who came to see me with love, when the show is postponed, the artist feels sad and sad. The technical matter will be investigated tomorrow, but as a fan, I am very saddened by what happened when I came to watch my show.

Pramod said that he wished the fans and well-wishers good health after reaching the hospital.

A concert was organized at Lower Tundikhel in Dhankuta Municipality-6 around 8 pm on Saturday night. A musical performance by Pramod was scheduled at the Avocado and 5th Dhankuta Festival held from January 6th. At that time, it was overcrowded and when entering through the gate, people were torn apart when they were stuck with each other.


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