Music Director Shakti Ballabh and lyricist Baburam Pokharel's 'Flowers of Creation'

February 11, 2024
Music Director Shakti Ballabh and lyricist Baburam Pokharel's 'Flowers of Creation'

Kathmandu. Famous music composer Shakti Ballav and lyricist Baburam Pokharel's 'Sirjanaka Phoolharu' have been released. The album was launched by organizing a program in the auditorium of the Lyricist Association in Bijulibazar, Kathmandu. The music collection 'Sirjanaka Phoolharu' was released under the chief hospitality of respected lyricist Bishwa Ballav.

"Sirjanaka Phoolharu" has a solo music composition by renowned composer Shakti Ballav, and lyricist Baburam Pokharel has a solo songwriter. The album has the music compositions of Manohar Sunam and Niraj Shrestha, with sound recording, mixing, and mastering by Bhola Paudel. The album features the voices of Anand Karki, Satyaraj Acharya, Swaroopraj Acharya, Shishir Yogi, Sumit Khadka, Mandavi Tripathi, Banika Pradhan, and lyricist Baburam Pokharel.

Ramesh Koirala, Vice President of the Lyricist Association of Nepal, was the president of the said program. Renowned music director Shakti Ballav, senior singer Anand Karki, popular music director Santosh Shrestha, Vice President of Karante Mahasangh Dr. Om Krishna Prasain, senior musician and music arranger Manohar Sunam, sound recordist Bhola Paudel, singer Mandabi Tripathi, and song writer and journalist. Sabita Pokharel, singer Nabin Karki, composer Jyoti Prakash, singer Chiranjibi Bhandari, and other personalities from the music field were present.

The welcome speech of the program was given by Shital Kadambini, secretary of the lyricist association, while the program was moderated by lyricist and journalist Suman Bairagi.

Singer Anand Karki congratulated lyricist Baburam Pokharel, saying that 'Sirjanaka Phoolharu' has become a very good song in the song collection. Composer Shakti Ballav expressed his happiness that he has been a successful musician from the beginning in the music industry and that he too has been able to collaborate with Radio Nepal from the time he made his first song, 'Jeevan ma thar Khola Tarnuchu' till now. He also praised the music composer Ballav, saying that the songs he touched were successful, and he was also successful with his blessings.

Popular musician Santosh Shrestha, the guest of the program, along with the release of the song collection 'Sirjanaka Phoolharu', expressed his best wishes to the lyricist Pokhrel and said that there has been no accident in the creations of respected composer Shakti Ballav from the past to the present. Stating that the songs created by the composer Ballav are excellent, he said that the word creation of the lyricist Pokharel is also original and pure.

He said that there are many things that the second generation should learn from the music of the composer Ballav while he was still in the village.

Similarly, songwriter Baburam Pokharel, while narrating his experiences on the song collection 'Sirjanaka Phoolharu', said that he started writing songs due to the inspiration of his friends from the time he was in the village. He said that while he was at Bgriculture Development Bank, he was able to associate with musician Shakti Ballav, and his creations attracted him. Lyricist Pokharel described the experience of a play in 2042 in a song written by himself and said that a story was created because every word was created.

Likewise, Shakti Ballav, the composer of the album, said that the music line is in the words of the lyricist Pokharel and that his creations are excellent. He was also a good singer, saying that his knowledge of music made it easy for him to have different styles and expressions of songs in writing words. Ballav said that he is a composer who has the ability to write great songs in a simple style.

Honorable lyricist Bishwa Vallabh, the chief guest of the program, said that sincerity was reflected in the writings of lyricist Baburam Pokharel. Congratulating songwriter Pokharel, he said that this field is very difficult and there is still competition in writing. He wished the success of the song collection 'Sirjanaka Phoolharu' by saying that the song writer Pokharel's words will also be embodied because of the choice of music composer, singer, and singer.

Concluding the program, Chairman Ramesh Koirala said that the songs of lyricist Baburam Pokharel are songs that will take Nepali society to the forefront. He said that songs have an impact on society and human life and play an important role in immortalizing a person's identity. He said that 90 percent of the songs are invested by the songwriters, saying that the songwriters are dying and living in recent times. He said that since there is no clear policy in the field of music, the songwriters in the field of music are in a state of confusion.


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