"Dream Fest" is being organized in Australia

October 17, 2022
"Dream Fest" is being organized in Australia

Kathmandu. Nepali music festival 'Dream Fest' is going to be held in Sydney, Australia.

The event to be held on September 23 is being organized by MarkQ Homes and the event is managed by Dream Heights.

'Dream Fest' is about to be held on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Dream Heights Event Company, which has been organizing various events in Australia since 2012.

The event is scheduled to start at 6pm on Friday 23rd at Horden Pavilion in More Park, Sydney.

Before this, Epic Clapton, AC/DC, Nirvana, Deep Purple and others have performed in Horden Pavilion, which has a capacity of about 5500 people. As 'Dream Fest' is held in the same hall, it is taken with importance.

Dream Heights is succeeding in winning the hearts of Nepali people by bringing artists to Australia according to the wishes of the Nepali society in Sydney.

According to the organizer, the musical festival, which will be held after 10 years, will feature the performances of Nepal's young singer and artist Sushant KC, Sameer Shrestha, rapper Yoddha and the popular band Albatros.

In order to make the 'Dream Fest' even more entertaining, Falcha Australia, based in Sydney, will have a food stall of a Nepali restaurant to taste the taste of Nepali food, while the program is supported by Grace International Education and Migration.


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