After completing the filming of 'London to Paris', Samragni returned from Mumbai

16 February, 2024
After completing the filming of 'London to Paris', Samragni returned from Mumbai

Kathmandu. The filming of Samragji Shah's film "London to Paris" is now concluded. The movie, which was originally scheduled to be filmed in Paris, France, has now been wrapped in India.

According to director Ghanshyam Lamichhane, the movie was filmed in an Indian studio using a set that was constructed in France. Twenty percent of the film's initial phase of shooting was left unfinished after the corona epidemic.

The scenes that were meant to be shot in France were, according to director Lamichhane, filmed on Mumbai sets. Lamichhane told Online News from Mumbai, "We could have shot in Nepal as well, but we came here because art design work is better in Mumbai."

Samragji was bewildered, as were all of the actors, because the shooting was chaotic for a considerable amount of time. The filmmaker Lamichhane said that Mumbai is where the editing is being done when the remaining shooting is finished.

Samragni and newcomer actor Nischal Khadka left the filming and went back to Nepal. After the editing is finished, the release date can be declared. It pleases me that all of the filming has been finished after a year. We managed to finish the film despite the delay, according to Lamichhane. "We will announce the release date in a few days."

He expressed his optimism that the romance film will capture the hearts of viewers. In this romantic comedy, Garima Sharma and Kabir Khadka also feature. The majority of the filming for the film, which tells the tale of a journeying couple in love, was completed in the United Kingdom. With this film, Nischal and Garima make their film debuts.

According to Samragji, this movie is seen as a turning point in her career.


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